We all LOVE Target, and wouldn't you LOVE to actually SAVE money at Target? We've compiled a list of 5 of the best money-saving hacks that you can use at your local Target to get even more bang for your buck! 


1. Stock Up on Holiday Supplies & Decor NOW!

This is a great way to save a TON of money on cute holiday decor and essentials every year! If you want to score some sweet discounts on holiday gear, do your shopping the day AFTER the holiday. Target significantly marks down holiday goods, such as wrapping paper, for the couple days following the holiday. This is a great time to save money on what can often be quite expensive purchases! Just make sure you act on the sales fast!

2. Know the PERFECT Day of the Week to Shop at Target!

This one is quite the secret that not many people know! Heck, we didn't even know this one until we started researching for this article! Target divides their mark downs by department, and each day of the week, different departments will have fresh new mark downs and savings! 

  • Monday: On Mondays, you'll find new savings in Electronics, Stationery, Baby, Kids' Clothing, and Books! 
  • Tuesday: Tuesdays have some FRESH deals in Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets, and Groceries! 
  • Wednesday: Wednesday is a day close to our heart, they have savings in FURNITURE, Law & Garden, Men's Clothing, Health & beauty, and DIAPERS (Yes, you can SAVE on diapers).
  • Thursday: Thursday are another beautiful day, you can find new savings on Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Toys, Decor, Sport Goods, Luggage.
  • Friday: The last day of the week for new mark downs in Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, and Jewelry. 

These mark downs don't only exist on the above days, but these are the days where they roll out NEW savings in each department, so it can be a great time to snag those great deals while they last! I guess we'll be going to Target EVERYDAY now, huh? 


3. Find the HIDDEN Signals in Target Prices

Did you ever imagine that Target would actually be HIDING information in their prices? It's true!

Prices that end in a 4, like $5.04 for example, aren't going to be marked down any further, so if you want that item, now is the BEST time to grab it! 

On the other hand, prices that end in 6, like $11.56, will eventually be marked down even further, so if you think you can wait for that purchase (which is EXTREMELY hard at Target anyways), you may be able to save even more! 

When it comes to shopping at Target, patience really does PAY!


Okay, now this one may seem a little obvious, since they ask you EVERY TIME you checkout at Target if you want to sign up for their Red Card. The Red Card comes in two forms, a credit card or a debit card that you can link directly to your existing checking account! Both versions save 5% on all Target purchases, savings on purchases at Starbucks when they are in a Target, extended returns, and more!

Many people think that the Red Card is only a credit card, but you can still save that awesome 5% even with the debit card version! You have nothing to lose, and only awesome savings to gain! Plus, it is super easy to sign up and takes only a couple of minutes! 

5. STACK Those Coupons!

Not only can you use Target coupons to score some savings, but you can also use manufacturer's coupons and stack them with Target ones! Talk about double savings right?